Many people like fishing to use hard bait instead of soft bait. They think that hard bait is better, but soft bait is cheap, but the effect is not bad. However, in fact, whether it is a soft bait or a hard bait, the most important thing is the method used. As long as you grasp the skills, you can give full play to the characteristics of the two fishing lures. I think most fishermen will know more about hard bait, so today I will only briefly introduce soft bait. I hope it will be helpful to fishermen who use soft bait.

There are advantages to using soft bait
The advantages of soft bait are relatively obvious. First of all, it is simple to match, the composition of the fishing rigs is simple and clear, and the assembly is relatively easy. The other is cost-effective, which is very suitable for novices to practice. The price is much lower than the hard bait. Even if the line is broken or the bait is lost, it is not easy to hurt. In addition, from the perspective of different modeling styles, the fishing of big fish has no effect, and the effect is not worse than that of hard bait.

Soft bait is good for attracting fish
The world of fish is weak meat and strong food. The weak live in a very poor environment and will become a predator for various large fish. The use of soft baits, such as soft-tailed worms, because the tail is curled, will be more affected by the tension of the water after entering the water. After sinking, there will be obvious tail-swinging activities, and the target in the water will be larger. It is easier to attract fish for food.

Soft bait operation depends on shaking
I believe that everyone wants to know the most. Soft bait is not like hard bait. Just draw the line or add some fancy tricks, such as sudden acceleration, pause, and accelerating left to right to attract fish. It mainly It is still important to use a shaking bar to entice the fish. This is very important. When using soft bait for fishing, you can only focus on the operation through rhythmic shaking and the difference in the weight of the soft bait. Attack the big fish.