Fishing with soft bait is difficult to get started, but the effect is extremely remarkable. Basically, it can be said: that no fish do not eat soft bait.

Of course, this sentence may sound a bit exaggerated, but on the other hand, it also affirms the important position of soft bait in the process of lure fishing. Here are 4 of the most common and practical types of soft lures.

1. Maggot-shaped soft bait

This soft bait is the most common basic type of lure, and it is divided into straight-tailed maggots, curly-tailed maggots, and double-tailed maggots.

Due to its simple shape and mostly accompanied by a rotating tail, it can disturb the water flow when swimming, which is suitable for each swimming layer. At the same time, because of its slow swimming speed, most carnivorous fish cannot resist such temptation. It is suitable for freshwater or seawater, especially for black bass, it is a must-kill rig.

It should be noted that some soft lures have no weight and must be used with lead hooks, so that they can be better cast and operated in actual combat.

Applicable rigs for curly-tailed maggots: JIGHEAD, TEXAS RIG, DownShot. A more classic match is the lead hook rig.

Straight-tailed maggots are suitable for fishing rigs: JIGHEAD, Texas rig (TEXAS RIG), lead-free rig (NOSINKER), and DownShot.

Two-tailed maggots are suitable for fishing rigs: JIGHEAD.

2. Soft shrimp soft bait

Soft shrimp is the favorite of perch. After entering the water and sinking to the bottom, lightly draw the rod up and down to shake the tip of the rod, so that the bait makes a jumping action of jumping up and down to attract the target fish. Small jumps of the shrimp on the water surface can also attract the target on the water surface. However, the shaking time should not be too long, and there should be a sense of rhythm. This feeling needs to be grasped in actual combat.

Applicable fishing rig: Texas fishing rig (TEXAS RIG), lead-free fishing rig (NOSINKER), lead hook fishing rig (JIGHEAD).

3. Crawfish soft bait

It is used very frequently in normal fishing and belongs to the type with a relatively high attendance rate. In addition to being widely used in bass fishing, it also has a very good performance in blackfish fishing.

The specific gravity of this type of soft bait is generally relatively large, and its own weight is more suitable for casting, so it can be used for lead-free fishing rigs.

Applicable fishing rig: Texas fishing rig (TEXAS RIG), lead-free fishing rig (NOSINKER), lead hook fishing rig (JIGHEAD).

4. Strip bug soft bait

There are many kinds of strip worms, such as noodle worms, tail worms, and so on.

It is used to imitate the slender mollusks such as earthworms and nematodes in nature in the water. According to the control of the fisherman, it floats, jumps, and shakes in the water to induce fish to attack. It is named because of its slender body.

There are many kinds of striped worms, all kinds, and the effect on fish with low activity is very obvious.

Applicable rigs: WackyStyle, JIGHEAD, SPLITSHOT, TEXAS RIG, NOSINKER, DownShot.

One of the most classic is the wiki rig (WackyStyle).