What is the fishing leaders? why most fishermen used fishing leaders? Is it a necessary terminal tackle when you going to fishing? here are some answers. Recently, some fishermen have asked me, So here are some answers from my own experience, hoping to solve your questions.

What is the fishing leaders?

The fishing leader is a short strand of tough fishing line (often stronger and/or less visible than the main line) that is placed in between the main line in the reel and the hook or lure that an angler is using.

Why need to use fishing leaders?

First of all, we must figure out three issues:
1.Material classification of fishing leaders;
2. When do you need it?
3. Why use it, how to use it?

First, the classification of the fishing leader
The types of fishing leaders usually have the following three types according to different materials:
1. Nylon leader
This is the type of fishing leader that is most commonly used. The reason why the fisherman uses the leader is usually the consideration of “absorption throwing force” and “buffer bus tension”.
Applicable object fish: fish without sharp teeth
Advantages: affordable

2.Carbon fiber leader (FLUOROCARBON LEADER)
The reason for the use of this kind of product has the advantages of “wear resistance”, “high water cut performance” and “non-water absorption” in addition to the action of the nylon leader. However, of course, the angler has to pay a higher price to obtain these advantages.
Applicable object fish: widely used
Disadvantages: a little expensive

3.Wire leader
The wire leader refers to a multi-stranded steel wire, rather than a single strand of white iron wire. Usually to deal with the sharpness of the teeth or the “washing” of the fish, in order to prevent them from breaking the line! Therefore, a section of wire leader must be used. To avoid the fish being cut off easily by the fish.
Applicable object fish: sharp fish species
Advantages: cheap
Disadvantages: no flexibility

Second, when to use
1. Use the nylon line and fluorocarbon line as the main line: If the fishing area has fish species with sharp teeth, you need to use the wire leader.
2. Use the PE line as the main line: When fishing the fish without sharp teeth, use a nylon leader or a fluorocarbon leader; if the target fish has sharp teeth, you must use a wire leader.

Third, why must we use the fishing leaders (the role of the leaders)?
1. Protect the main line: avoid the momentary pulling of the throwing, and the damage of the main line after the main line and the guide ring is rubbed;
2. Wear-resistance: After dragging the bait or the medium fish, protect the front end of the main line to avoid obstacles;
3. Concealed main line: reduce the vigilance of the fish after finding the fishing line;
4. Buffering effect: It can offset the instantaneous pulling force that may occur after the fish and play a buffering role;
5. Protect the fishing rod: mark the role of the fishing bait to prevent the bait from colliding with the front ring of the surimi and wounding;
6. Conducive to throwing: The use of a reliable front wire above the mainline strength increases the possibility of trying to select a thinner mainline, making the throwing easier and allowing the bait to fly further.
7. Protecting personal safety: It was frequent for hooks to be hooked to the bottom of the water. If you use a PE braided wire, you can only pull it hard when you can’t save it. If the thread is strong enough, the hook will break. The bait may be shot like a bullet to the person pulling the cable. If nylon and carbon lead is used, this can break the front line and protect the main line and personal safety.

Choose your favorite fishing leader today !!!