What are Terminal Tackles?

When you start fishing life, you often hear people talking about terminal tackles. From the meaning of the text itself, it can be roughly understood as the fishing tackles which are closest to the fish. In fact,you are right. Usually, we are referring to fishing tackles that which connects the end of the fishing line, Such as fishing hook,swivel snap,sinker(weight),float. They are have many different types,size and material. Experienced anglers can combine terminal tackles based on different water conditions, different species, and even weather conditions.

1.Fishing Hook

There are stainless steel hooks and high carbon steel hooks. Distinguish from the shape and use the function, there are treble hook, double hook, long shank hook, circle hook, baitholder hook, fly hook, octopus hook, tuna hook…..

2.Swivel Snap

Most swivel made of brass with nickel,black nickel coating. But you need to use stainless steel swivels for ocean fishing or big game. All snaps made of stainless steel wire.

3. Sinker(weight)

Sometimes, you need to keep the bait in different depths of water, or you need to fix the fishing rigs at the bottom of the water, such as carp fishing. At this time you need to use a sinker(also called weight). Fishing sinker usually made of three different materials, iron, lead, tungsten alloy. The price is also from low to high. Of course, tungsten alloy is the most environmentally friendly.