The fishing lure is broadly divided into soft bait and hard bait. Soft bait is mainly made of plastic. Most of it is made of rubber or silicone. It uses its soft characteristics to imitate underwater creatures that often appear at the bottom. So, there is much lifelike soft bait appearing. In addition to personal preferences, the color can also change in different weather or watercolor. For example, in the morning or dusk, when the fish is active, you can choose a brighter soft bait. This is the same as the criteria for hard bait. In order to attract more fishes, someone adds spices and fluorescent powder to the soft bait, providing a variety of fine choices for soft bait fishing.
The biggest difference between a hard bait and a soft bait is that it has different swimming layers and is suitable for use in open waters. Usually, the package will indicate that it will be suspended in the water after sinking or will sink in the water. After knowing the parameters, you must understand the object the habit of the fish is to distinguish lures diving depth and swimming posture and then to make different swimming movements to lure the fish by the angler’s bait-shaking skills. Common hard baits are Popper, Crank, Minnow, JIG, and Vibratio.