Fishing float is a device used to react to a fish’s bite. People can judge the feeding situation of the fish, and thus decide the time of lifting the Rod, but also can judge what kind of fish is biting by the action of the float. So fishing float is an important device for fishing. Fishing floats are made of lighter materials. Today, most floats are made of chemicals or bird feathers, wood, or bamboo. They vary in performance and shape. According to the weight and buoyancy of float, it can be divided into hollow float and solid float. The weight of hollow floater is small, the buoyancy is large, the reaction is sensitive, the stability of solid floater is good, but not sensitive. According to the different shape of float, can be divided into horizontal float and vertical float(traditional type in China) also. The horizontal float is often said to seven-star float, float particles scattered in the water, high sensitivity, Small vibration when lifting Rod, but not suitable for big waves when fishing. The vertical float is hanging in the water, common have rod-shaped, cone-shaped, circular, gyro-shaped and so on.